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As a songwriter

I have never tried to fit into a specific genre. I write music as a way to communicate with the world and I arrange the songs in the styles that inspire me in the moment. This has resulted in two eclectic albums with arrangements for brass, strings and voices or simply by one accompaniment. Singer-songwriter would fit right any day, but in different clothes. Coloured in the nordic melancoly.

My debut album All These Choices was released in 2009 worldwide through record publisher ajabu! and by P-vine in Japan. The jazzy and latin inspired debut got spins at the Japanese radio stations. My follow-up album Image of you, released by ajabu!/Border in 2013 moved closer to alternative folk.
The latest three singles, Bowie Oct 2020, Hollow and Vallgraven 2021, are all in this eclectic style, but questioning the behaviour of mankind towards the earth, each other and ourselves. They are a result of a time in change, personally and worldly. They were recorded during the pandemic with the help from producer and composer Minna Bolin. Due to the restrictions I had to play most of the instruments myself. Which actually was a great lesson! Vallgraven is presently the only release in my mother tongue, Swedish. Besides releasing singles, I have lately been busy exploring the music I could engender from the poems by Åsa Magnusson. A marvellous adventure I'm hoping to share eventually.

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